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I'm raising funds for the "Sing 2 Freedom" Project

To make this project successful we will need to invest in building of a professional recording studio facilities, a project office and a community working space/Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


professional recording studio

“With a professional studio there are a lot of costs associated with it that are different than a home studio. You have to decide on a few things. How long are you going to stay there? Like a lot of business owners you’re probably not buying the building you’re going to conduct your business. So, you’re going to be leasing it from somebody. So, you don’t want to over improve the space that’s there because you can’t take it with you. So, if you’re going to be building a commercial studio in a popular city, you got to understand that you’re going to probably be paying $4 a square foot for an attractive location. You’re also going to be improving that space per square foot to professional acoustical standards, at anywhere from $100 a square foot to $150 a square foot. You’re going to need to hire an architect, designs for basic production room at say, 700 square feet, could run you $10,000 designing a room, and then you have to now execute it. You could spend another $15k to $20k, just getting it built, and then you now have to equip it. You’re talking another, well you get the idea.

“And now that you have it built you now have your monthly overhead to handle. You have a loan for the gear and the build out and then, you’re paying rent. So, say your rent is something like You got a really good $3500 a month. And you’re in the scenario where you built it all. So, you got to pay debt service on a $50,000 loan. So, you know, it depends on the term of your loan, but say you did a 10-year loan. So, what is that? $6000 a year with interest? So, now you’re up to $9 to $10,000 a month in overhead to run a commercial studio. You can book that studio out. Say you’re getting $500 a day for the room. It’s an okay price. And then, you’re booking yourself out as an engineer. So, you’re working. Right? You got to book out that room out at least 20 days a month, just to cancel everything out. So, do you want to build a commercial studio? Yes!

“You know what I mean? Like, people ask me that question a lot. I’ve run . . . This is my third major recording studio that I’ve run and, you know, it hasn’t . . . You know, it hasn’t changed the way you have to build these things, but the dynamics of how you make money off them definitely changes.”

Cameell Hanna, Serenity West Recording – Los Angeles, CA
Credits: Justin Timberlake, Adele, Florence & the Machine, Eva Simons, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg





#SING2FREEDOM; A music project focused on providing production & managerial support to underprivileged talents (Musicians) by securing them the platforms to write, produce, and guide them to develop their natural musical talent in order to make a living for themselves.

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