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Gino XXL Entertainment
Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom.

+31 (0) 684 950 013 Netherlands
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About The Label (The Company)

An enterprise legally registered by the Dutch Chamber Of Commerce is operating in various trading aspects of Music and Entertainment. The company is into Production and distribution of Music, Promotion of Events, Music/artistes management, Branding, Booking of musicians and dj's of various genres globally. Were also actively Involved in a weekly award-winning radio program on Salto(Radio Razo) - one of Amsterdam's multicultural radio station based in South East Amsterdam. Our acts/musicians are specialized in variety of genres namely;  Hip-hop, Rap, Reggae & Dancehall, Afro beats and Afro pop, R & B, Soul, Blues, Hiplife, Highlife, Rock, RockNRoll, House, Acoustic, Gospel and others. We believe in Globalisation, professionalism, reliability. We are available  on almost all social media platforms. "Quality Over Quantity" is our anthem and the mission is to strive to bring its vision to reality! Our doors are opened and welcomes individuals, companies and organisations interested in working with us.

About The Founder

Geronimo Sam-Korsah , founder of Gino XXL Entertainment Is a certified Entrepreneur and a graduate in Civil Engineering who grew up with the influence of music from the household, his love for music is a quality and a passion that extends from his late father who had a passion for the guitar. George grew up with a family that recognises  music as a passion, a hobby but nothing more than that. This would not encourage young G' to aim for a future in the music business. If you grew up in Ghana you would know that most middle/upper class families would not finance nor encourage their children to study to be musicians but rather a lawyer, a medical doctor, Engineer, TV personnel, a Writer etc. Gee chose to follow the footsteps of some respectable educated figures in his family and graduated as a Civil engineer from Hanze University Groningen in the Netherlands.

Gino XXL Entertainment came to realization as a result of years of underrated experience gain through mingling with successful entrepreneurs, particpating in self/bussiness development seminars, workshops, and hanging around with professional musicians alike. Himself as an amatuer  musician, was a member of Aggrey Memorial Zion Secondary School Choir, and later became a ''rapper'' and a small time DJ in college where he earned the name "Nibees". G' who's long term known as Gino XXL from the underground music industry succeeded his 3rd paid ''official'' international booking for R2Bees  (an intertnational Afrobeat award winning group from Ghana, West Africa) for a Tolhuistuin Amsterdam summer concert. Also managed affairs for the group’s first & second tour in the Netherlands. Gino co-dj'd  with Dj Henry X during R2Bees first time ever gig in Holland For then Made-In-Ghana Events at Grand Cafe Amsterdam South-East. 

He would suceed another big gig (GLASGOW AFRICAN FESTIVAL / GLASGOW COMMONWEALTH GAMES 2014) for Ghana's Afrobeat star Castro Underfire who is widely known for his mega collaboration on ADONAI with B.E.T Award winner Sarkodie. Unfortunately Castro mysteriously disappeared before the day of performance - 30th July 2014. 

Dj Gino XXL previously co-hosted and served as the main Dj for a live entertainment radio show broadcasted in 2008/9 on Radio Razo, a multicultural community radio station based in Amsterdam. He would later co-host an award winning Hip-hop Valley Show Hosted by DJ Sonsy. During his time the show was nominated and won an award for the best program  at the annual “Amsterdamse Media Prijz”. 2013 beside the famous FUNX Radio

Gino's diverse taste in music varies from Hip-hop and R&B, Reggae and Dancehall, Afrobeat and Afropop to Blues, Soul, jazz, Classical, dance, fusion, Traditional, Gospel, Afrodance, Fusion and some soft Rock music etc. Gino XXL Entertainment hereby ‘The Company’ has its foundation built on the genres mentioned and evolves its operation around musicians who makes/produces such genres.